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Online & On-Air & 1670 AM

LagoRadio is a 24/7/365 Hit Music Station in Lago Vista playing over two-thousand Top 20 songs of the 60s, 70s & 80s with no chatty DJs or commercials! [coverage map]

LagoRadio is also a prime source of info 
about upcoming non-commercial events in the North Shore Community. From the Arts to Zoology, from theatrical and music performances to high school sports, from road closures to dangerous weather events, from seasonal lake info
LagoRadio is a high quality stereo stream  of chart topping 60s, 70s & 80s hits available in your office, home, or car anywhere on the planet! If you're online you can listen to LagoRadio from Lago Vista to London, or Jonestown to Johannesburg!

LagoRadio is completely free and a perfect alternative for local businesses looking to save money on music services. Why pay for SiriusXM, Spotify or Pandora when locally-based LagoRadio is available absolutely free? And with a steady stream of "The Soundtrack of Our Lives" its just hit after hit of everyone's favorites!
LagoRadio broadcasts an FCC licensed signal at 1670AM. Like many small, isolated communities across the country, we enjoy the benefit of a low-power radio station designed to serve the community in time of emergent need, ie: The Floods of 2018, Hurricane Harvey in 2017, or school and/or road closures due to storms, snow, or other activity.

The on-air broadcast, is an information only station (it does not play songs) which, when not broadcasting emergency info, serves the community by announcing the many diverse events constantly being presented in the Lago Vista, Jonestown, Point Venture area, and with a signal reaching almost to Cedar Park and Lakeway, blankets the North Shore of beautiful Lake Travis.




Both the LagoRadio stream & broadcast are free of traditional paid commercials, however in addition to the station's original purpose of providing info in emergencies, it also serves as a means by which to advise the community of upcoming events. You will NOT hear, "Local retailer has a two-for-one sale"...but you WILL hear that there is a Farmer's Market this weekend, or The Lago Vista Players are presenting a show next month, or The Lions are having a blood drive, or the Lago Vista Golf course if hosting a tourney, or any one of a countless number of events.

Do YOU have an event you want to promote? Simply visit our 
Contact section and give us as much information as  you can. Bullet points are fine. For-profit, commercial enterprises are excluded unless they're hosting a fundraiser for a non-profit or other charitable cause.

Everyone from local A.A. groups to the Young Life organization is welcome on LagoRadio, and while we don't announce church services, we'll gladly promote your church's parent's night, fish fry, movie night, or other special event.

LagoRadio congratulates you on your graduation, wedding, birthday, or anniversary etc, but we're not staffed to accommodate such requests. We recommend you contact the fine folks at the North Shore's only local online news service, < >





LagoRadio is overseen by a 35 year veteran of the Los Angeles and San Francisco radio wars. In addition to a #1 rated on-air history, there were years on the production staff of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, and production of content  for everyone from AC-DC and the Allman Brothers to Frank Zappa & ZZ Top! 
If you have a message that meets our guidelines we'd be happy to spread the word!
Don't be shy...Come say 'Hi'!

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