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LagoRadio offers 24/7/365 North Shore news and information anywhere in the world on any computer or portable device. Whether in the heart of Lago Vista or atop the Eiffel Tower, if you're online, you're on Lago Radio!

History of LagoRadio

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LagoRadio is a Low Power AM staton (LPAM) licensed by the FCC to provide information to citizens and tourists of local news, weather and upcoming events, etc. Its other, and arguably more essential purpose, is to provide information to citizens in the event of an emergency such as fire, floods, storms, snow day, school closures and the like.

Over a thousand such stations across the country serve small rural municipalities like Lago Vista. What sets LagoRadio apart is that its content is produced in a broadcast quality radio production studio and its transmitter/antenna is specifically tuned to leverage every last ounce of power. Almost no other LPAM does this!
LagoRadio transmits from an antenna high above the Lago Vista Police Station with the primary production studio near Village Center. These locations provide easy access to the studio as well as immediate access by the police department in times of emergency as mentioned above.

LagoRadio also streams its content online at meaning anyone with a computer or mobile device can listen to LagoRadio anywhere in the world!! You can keep up with what’s happening on the North Shore whether you’re atop the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China!
Lago Radio Production Studio
LagoRadio was born of the need for North Shore residents and visitors to be aware of the many cultural, political and entertainment events constantly unfolding in our communities. Announcements might include things like The Hill Country Singers are at the PAC this weekend…the Vikings take on Manor at home Friday night…don’t forget the City Council meeting next Thursday…the 4th of July picnic is next Sunday at Bar-K…there’ll be a Lago Vista Property Owners Association meeting at the POA Activity Center at noon…Lohman Ford road will be reduced to two lanes next Saturday for road repairs, etc…the possibilities are endless.

Down the road we envision special shows like “A Minute with the Mayor”, “A Message from Chief Danny”, broadcasting City Council meetings, maybe even a Vikings football game.
Lago Radio Coverage Map
There is no limit to the number of announcements we could have rotating at any one time. From our large theatre arts community and active political factions to our many schools and churches, the city’s definitive media solution has proven elusive…until now.

LagoRadio is available everywhere, all the time, in your home or car, on your computer or mobile device, and with the most definitive calendar of North Shore events so you’re ALWAYS plugged in!

Check out LagoRadio/1670AM or to hear all about the many wonderful events and activities coming up in Lago Vista and our surrounding communities.

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